LET ME DO YOUR CARDS! Hand written with fountain pen (modern or vintage) and your signature

Do you want to send hand written holiday cards (for any holiday!) but don’t have time to do it?  LET ME!  We will select a card together, which you will ship to me in CT and email or mail me your name and address list.. if you like include a little thought for each card.  I’ll hand write the salutation, up to two scentences, and  I can either sign the cards as you. and  mail them out for you (included in the cost) or I can leave the signature blank and ship the batch to you for your to sign, stamp, and mail.

Cards selected must be fountain pen friendly or I will be foreced to use a rollerball pen (I can help you pick!).  Once you get the cards of your choice to me (I suggest ordering from amazon and deliering directly to me) the cost for FULL SERVICE inluding personalization, hadwriting of short note with personal detail, signing, addressing envelope adding your return address to envelope, stamping, and mailing is $1.50-2.00 per card (depending on which hand writing you select and how much time you give me to do your project).

Orders of 50 cards take 2-4 days to get in the mail, so contact me ASAP so we can begin selecting your cards!

Send email of inquiry to Jocelyn at FountainPensInk@gmail.comcheristmas-cards-etsy

colors are not true, writing samples available by mail to see color
colors are not true, writing samples available by mail to see color