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IMG_20170408_113456Hai u!  I finally figured out how to use my darn scanner and post nice pictures to WordPress!

Please visit www. and take a look at the over-50 designs available ranging in size from A5 up to 8.5 x 11 inches less a few millimeters for trimming those pesky white edges off.

In about 2 weeks from this writing, today’s date being June 26th 2017, I will start offering A4 sized luxorious CLAIRMAIL  paper with tons of lined,. Grid,  or blank writing area designs!

Clairmail is a Clairefontaine  product that, according to their sales office in France, is not for sale by even one single vendor in the United States or Canada,  period.  I had to look high and low for it and eventually just ordered it from Europe, paying over $60 for a simple ream of paper. But it is going to be worth it to offer Clairmail  stationary or even sets of blank paper  for those of you who don’t like fancy stationery for the following below and **I should be able to alter any of the currently available Sugarcane paper designs to a similar a4 Clairmail printed designs  without charging my customary custom order and alteration request surcharge that means for no extra charge other than the cost difference in the paper.

Clairemail  is superior to any other paper I have used for fountain pens or gel pens and that includes Tomoe  River,  Rhodia/Rhodia Premium  and Clairefontaine  fountain pen paper.

It is almost as light in weight as Tomoe  River so, for people trying to fit a lot of paper into a 1 oz envelope to avoid paying extra postage like myself, it is a great deal; while I have not weighed such mail I  successfully sent both store-bought envelopes and handmade envelopes with standard craft paper with, get this, 8 sheets of Clairmail  inside both in the United States male with a single first-class forever stamp and internationally with a single first-class forever International stamp so I am left to assume that the one ounce threshold was not reached between the envelope and 8 sheets HOLY MOLY, PENPALLERS! This is a big deal for people who have a lot of pen pals. We all know that Tomoe  River shows off the qualities of an ink in an almost supernatural manner and I’m not going to claim that Clairemail  matches that..not quite but dear God it comes pretty darn close and even the most persnickety fountain pen lover and ink Aficionado would not Spot the Difference between the two brands of paper show of Ink unless they did a side-by-side comparison which of course I did and found the Tomoe  River  only slightly more pronounced in its ability to display otherwise unnoticeable  qualities of an ink Clairmail  will indeed show a shimmer that is hard to spot on other paper and even a sheen that you never knew the ink you are writing with even had… I discovered a gold shean in Edelstein onyx ink and a another gold gloww in Diamine Wild Strawberry (and I bet you had no idea there were sheen’s in either of those  commonly used inks. but CLAIRMAIL  brought it to my attention!

In every other way that I judge paper Clairmail  beats Tomoe  River easily as it has far less ghosting and, though there is some, you can certainly write  on both sides of the page….yes, even with dark ink or a broad pen.  If your hands are a little greasy with Tomoe  River the recipient of your letter is going to get a nice copy of your fingerprints here and there on the page hahaha but ClairMail  is far less sensitive to  hand greace, furthermore we have all been at the end of a page of tomoe river and simply wrinkled it up like tissue paper by accident before we managed to fold it into an envelope but Clairmail, while nearly as thin as Tomoe,  just doesn’t wrinkle the same way and I think it is because it is actually softer and therefore more forgiving to a little bit of bending.. and you can feel that softness when you touch the paper with your hands leading to my calling it the most luxurious of Fountain Pen paper as if it were high thread count Egyptian cotton!

And speaking of the softness of the paper everybody I have sent samples to agrees with me that it is simply the most luxurious paper they have tried in a long time… 4 similarly luxurious papers suitable for the truly fancy pants paparyphile , the only thing I have used that came close is small sheets of Rhodia Premium which is far more expensive when you calculate the price per sheet versus what I will be charging for either blank or decorative sheets of clairmail stationery,  which is also incidentally much larger at A4 then the only Rhodia  premium pads I could find at an affordable price which were a5

In summary Clairmail  is Bar None my favorite paper for writing letters with any of my fountain pens, be it an extra fine Japanese nib or a 1.5 mm stub and yes my vintage Flex pens are just fine too  with no appreciable spread whatsoever no matter how wet I get that line!  Clairfontaine ‘s fountain pen paper pads feature sheets that are much thicker and therefore have less ghosting and Rodeo premium does feel nearly as nice to the touch but at what cost? Our beloved Tomoe  River beats clear mail only by a small margin concerning its ability to show off the qualities of an ink but loses out on every other important feature that I used to judge a paper especially ghosting, wrinkling, and smudging  of hand grease while costing approximately the same per sheet of blank Tomoe as I am charging for decorative stationery.

For folks who like other types of pens as well Clairmail is excellent with a gel pen providing a fast drying surface and those gel inks color and any Shimmer Glitter or metallic effect also fairly pops off the page. It would be appropriate to use for sketching or Light charcoal but I would absolutely not recommend an artist paint with any medium or color drawings with fountain pen if you are going to overlap inks because the ghosting would be too great and I’m afraid that several layers of ink would eventually bleed through wow a single layer of ink as with writing with my wettest pen has never once bled on me… and let me tell you I really put this paper through its paces as far as bleeding and other annoying paper issues are concerned before I started spending the money to import reams of unavailable  to   the United States paper from Europe for us to use.

While 25 one-sided sheets of Sugarcan e paper stationary from me in any size up to letter size of 8.5 x 11 inches is $10 plus $3 to ship up to three packs to  one two or three different addresses, the Clairmail will be $13 for 25 one-sided decorative sheets or  $15  4  40 sheets  of blank  paper and shipping will be $4 for up to three packs but only one address.. if you order 3 packs and they need to go to three different addresses the second and third address will each be charged a $1 surcharge because A4 paper is not going to fit in a standard flat letter envelope nor will it be able to ship as a first class flat envelope but will be sent as a small package. This shipping charge is subject to change once I actually buy A4 size envelopes and have a few packs of stationary wait at the post office LOL For international orders the cost of stationary is the same however the customer is required to pay in full before I actually make their stationery  order  but if it is my first order to your country I will not know the cost of shipping until I get to the post office at which time I will contact you and let you know the shipping fee which I expect to be between 5 and $10 USD depending on the destination based on past mailings. If you have placed an international order and shipping is too expensive the cost of the stationery is not refundable however you are absolutely welcome to change the destination of the stationary and if you send it as a gift I will make a lovely card to enclose announcing that the gift is from you with whatever sentiment you want to say to the lucky recipient.

Finally I am offering 6-month and 12-month stationery subscriptions payable at once the cost for a 6 month subscription of your choice of any Sugarcane  stationery design regardless of size is 54 bucks ( a savings of $1 per set)  plus $18 for shipping and you may ship all to one address or to six different u.s. addresses with one shipment per month. A 12-month subscription is $90 Plus $36 for shipping for between 1 to 12 different u.s. destination addresses with one set being shipped per month. Clear mail subscriptions  are $70 for a six month subscription or $125 for a 12-month subscription Plus  standard  A4 size  shipping rates  stated above  per envelope.

I also sell handcrafted envelopes in legal/#10 size or to fit  a standard A5 sheet  such as you would get with a pad of Claire fontaine’s smaller paper however my small paper belongs in the number 10 Envelope as the borders increase the overall length of the page . Regardless of size or choice of available  Style  envelopes are priced at 20 for $10 and if you were sending them for as a gift for an additional $11 I will pre stamp each envelope for your recipient which really encourages people to get up on their writing game right. The choices of paper used is your choice are vintage retro pop girly Floral or my favorite of black with white chalk markings. If you have other paper you would like used  for a 20 pack of envelopes  you can simply ship me  30 sheets of the paper of your choice  keeping in mind that the extra sheets are because I will have occasional boo boos .  or you can save money choosing something from Amazon  and sending me a link  to your choice as well as  a gift card for the cost of paper  assuming you select something that is prime  available  there will be no cost to you for shipping the paper to me  so that can save you a couple of bucks as well as a few days getting the paper to me  which may be important if you have a rush order for a special occasion

Need labels  for custom or dark envelopes ? Add two dollars to your 20 envelope order and I will send you 25 permanent adhesive backed 2 inch by 1.5 inch or 2×2 florish shaped Fountain friendly blank or dot address labels that you write on with any pen including a fountain pen and then effects to your otherwise hard to read envelope for a much nicer effect then a hand cut address label at only three additional dollars with no shipping added and if you do not use pre-printed return address labels or have none that coordinate with your choice of envelope style I can send a 50 pack of blank address labels for $5 again with no additional shipping. or if you want to save a little bit those 50 address labels can be sent to you with no adhesive backing for $2 and no additional shipping if it is part of a larger order while still being made from Fountain friendly paper in your choice dot matrix or blank and if you really insist upon it I can even make them lined if you want.  To order those address labels in either a 25 or 50 pack with or without the adhesive simply double the above cost plus $1.50 for shipping if you are not ordering anything but Labels Pro tip:Pro  the labels with adhesive stick very nicely to things like glass jars and different flat sided storage containers so if you are doing a project like organizing the house and don’t want to use ugly 4M labels I can get you a lovely alternative that not only uses fountain friendly paper but I can also use colored Fountain friendly paper of various colors or patterns you can use to spiffy up your storage and organization containers these look great on jars in kitchens and pantries too spiffy up your storage area for which I would recommend opting for either blank or a single horizontal line to write upon because neatness counts where company might see LOL. the price of colored and cardstock  labeling stickers is up in the air so make an offer. a sample of a single adhesive or non adhesive label is available if you mail me a stamp for United States addresses or PayPal me a dollar and $1.15 USD  for international samples. BLANK  samples of the Sugarcane paper are available also for a stamp or a dollar and $0.15 depending on your location while a sheet of Clairmail  is the cost of mailing Plus $1,  but that $1 sample fee will be deducted from the total of your first order with me regardless which of my product it is that you are buying.. seems fair to me

LASTLY  if you have an image that is less than 2.5 inches wide that you would like made into a permanently adhesive sticker or 10 email me and we will come to a price mostly based on the dimensions of the image how many you need made and if they are already cut exactly as you like or if it is time for me to get the exacto knife and details as theirs out because you didn’t feel like cutting it. For stickers I will charge you whatever we agree on plus exactly what it cost me to mail to you which I will be able to advise you of after you have sent me the images and they have been made into stickers so I can weigh them and determine how many stamps. for an idea of what I charge for stickers take a look at the cost of those 2 inch by 2 inch labels my stickers are very reasonable because they are so fun to make

Again currently available sugarcane decorative stationery designs with over 50 options are currently viewable in the last two posts on this blog or in a nicer format on and be sure to check all of the posts because the A4 Clairemail specific designs are coming in the next week



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