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What happens when you Manic Shop

Hey there, I’ve been getting requests from my reader (singular intended) to update my blog, and today is a big day in my Fountain Pen loving life.  But there’s history, so flash back…..

It’s October and the credit card bills are under my bed.  One gets past me in the mail and LIFE IS OVER!  My folks (who I sponge off of so they get a say) are pisssssssssssed that I have blown up all this credit on Pens, ink and related items and declare it’s all getting put away until I pay off all the debt.  I am contrite because I had agreed not to do this.. again… and I agree.

Off to the Penetentarty go my lovely pens and my obscenely large collection of inks as well as some related goodies like books on penmanship, calligraphy thingies, paper, and more.  I have visited the Pen as I call it but not so you’d know.  Even though I was a new pen paller and Fpen collector, when the things where put away (I was at 6 months but a few thousand dollars deep) I felt like I was missing fingers.  I was allowed to hang on to one pen and one ink (for the record I chose my stub Duragraph and Faber Casterll Moss Green because it shades and is water resistant both).

I became very bored of a standard stub and that gorgeous ink fast!  I was used to having all the pens I could ever use at my disposal and a huge variety of inks (close to 40 bottles if I recall correctly)… and flashback ends with me sadly wishing I could just use a different pen for a day!

Well guess which long-absent blogger has PAID FOR HER CREDIT CARDS as of today!  YAYYYY!  My mom has started returning my things a little at a time as I clean out my desk to make room for what is going to feel like a huge bounty!  I’m especially excited for my beautiful ladies (the vintage pens I got the credit cards to buy in the first place).  AND OF COURSE, while everything was put away I bought MORE INK because Ink is why,

I’ll take some pictures of my newly restored collection if anyone is interested.. what do you say, reader?





3 thoughts on “What happens when you Manic Shop

  1. I am so happy to hear this! Returning them in little batches sounds lovely as well, that way you can really savour the returns. I would love to see pictures of your collection as it becomes completed, and especially of the ink collection! 😀


  2. Hello!

    I see that you’re a fellow snail-mailer 🙂 I’ve started out new on WordPress (It’s Day 1 woohoo!) and was looking out for others who also like sending and receiving post. I was wondering if I could send you a postcard or two from India.

    King regards,
    PostStory India


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