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Introducing FOUNTIAN PEN FRIENDLY hand made mailing envelopes for cheap

These pictures are a sampling of the fountain friendly mailing envelopes I’m making for sale… CHECK BACK OFTEN, AS SUPPLIES COME IN MY OFFERINGS WILL CHANGE.  I’ve never seen anyone provide a mailing address area on hand made envelopes before and certainly not with fountain pen friendly material like I have.  Envelopes are currently available in Jubilee (that’s card stock with 2 sided floral and pattern designs) and Vintage which is a paper material with vintage objects printed on it.

There is no extra charge for the address area to be placed on your envelopes, it’s included with the cost and you can select blank or dot paper and you can have one or two address ares!  You can also have a nice stamp of a fountain pen (shown on some Jubilee) if the paper isn’t too dark.If you want a double white area or a shadow, please just say so but it might slow me down a day or two shipping to you.

THE COST IS $8 for 10 Card stock envelopes (more designs coming) and $5 for 10 paper regardless of size.  I can make your envelopes any common size from #1 (2 1/8 x 3 1/3 inches) up to #10..  Or, $15 for 20 card stock and $9 for 20 paper.

I don’t use pay pal or any credit card vendor so we’ll need to make other arrangements.  I have been paid in the past by having an email gift card to an agreed upon vendor sent to me (amazon is always good, as is Michel’s). You can also mail a check or use Western Union.  Please don’t mail me cash, money has been missing from envelopes around the country.

If you are interested in supporting my pen and craft habit by buying some envelopes (cards too, soon!) please email me at fountainpensink@gmail or text me at 960 975 8515.  an order of 10 will be shipped in 3 business days (you pay for shipping but we’ll go the cheap way!) and 5 days for an order of 20.  Be sure to reread this post or look below for all your options!

  1. Do you want Jubilee card stock or Vintage paper
  2. Do you want 10 or 20 or more?
  3. Do you want 0, 1, or 2 address areas in fountain pen friendly material?
  4. Do you want either address area doubled (Jubilee photo upper purple) or shadowed?
  5. Do you want your address areas blank or with light dots?  Lines not currently available but will be.
  6. Do you want a fountain pen stamp on lighter colored envelopes?  Or you can have two hearts or a spilling bottle of ink.

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