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Pen Stand Review: the Block etc with discount code!

The Wedge, holds journals or business cards and 9 pens

Pen displays… I’m a new collector and I’ve been through 5 varieties already, I started with the acrylic horizontal jobbies you can get on amazon and they were fine, except then I found “tis true!” some pens DO need to be stored horizontally, I added a horizontal acrylic stand to the family but found long thinner pens would tip and the bottom would stray from the stand.  I liked the glass topped cases with a drawer but that seems more for uninked pens out of use rotation and I keep most of my pens in rotation.  What to do, then I remembered the word whispered to me….. BLOCK, so I used my google-fu and found which I tell you to go to, go now, and use this code just for US good til the 28th of November 2016 “FPI” for 10% off (thank you!!)

Here’s why this was my final storage solution.  First off there’s  a bunch of options to pick from based on your collection size.. I got the 21 hole Block for my modern collection and the 9 hole Wedge (with space for business cards!) for my vintage collection.  These buggers are also customizable.  The standard holes are 1/2 inch but what’s that in our Pen-guage? Well, I found my “regular” sized pens fit fine in the standard, the Metropolitans, the Lamy’s, all my Pilot pens, things a non-fountianer would call “normal” sized fit in the 1/2 inch.  In the Block, which offers options of all 1/2 inch holes, or 3, 6, or 9 5/8 inch holes, I went for the full 9 bigguns.. I was glad I did because all the larger pens needed them, my Edison, my TWSBI ECO, my Duragraphs, now that I’m thinking about it, excluding the Pilots, all my stub/italic modern pens ended up in the 5/8 inch holes and while stub has nothing to do with circumference, you might want to consider that there seems to be a trend linking the two incidentally.

Pictured above is my vintage collection in the Wedge, which I opted for no large wholes in as most of my old girls are Ladies or Vest pens and much smaller than a modern pen.  The ring tops were even a bit small for the small 1/2 inch holes, but not so much that they didn’t look find and stand stably.(blow is the larger Block, the Wedge is the same as the Cube with an exgra spot for journals or cards).


I’m not quoting pricing here in case the lovely gentleman who makes the good by hand changes them but, compared to other handmade stands for other objects I’ve purchased in the past (ok ok I used to vape, and THOSE stands were spendy!!) these are very reasonably priced compared to what you’re spending on pens regularly if your a pen blog reader!  I believe I made it off with TWO stands for well under 100 and that was without the discount code provided above.

My only negative about these, which is more a ME thing than a product thing, was there was no obvious way to lay out my collection to look nice, because I have such an eclectic collection, all together they looked a little random but nor more than with any other stand…

So, if you’re a newbie and you’re just getting to stand needing level, skip the acrylics and save the cases for when you have fancy un-inked pens to showcase and grab the Block (yes, even if you don’t have enough pens to fill it because we both know that soon you will).

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