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If I was trapped with one Pen.. or HELP SEND PENS AND INKS!

In the fountain pen community we often ask each other things like the desert island pen or the save one pen from a fire, one ink for life and so on.  For personal reasons, I was recently made to chose ONE pen from my collection to hold on to and ONE ink ONE pack of paper and put all the others away for a number of months (let’s just say, long story, short, I’m repenting for some credit card sins).  So, the positive from all this is I know my answer.

I have a wide range of pens and a huge array of inks and here’s what I chose but first here’s why I’m telling you… if you’re reading this you’re likely a pen newbie, just about to step away from your first or second pen, maybe about to leave that $20 range behind and buy something a little fancier and I may be about to save you some money.  I let my 150-200 pens be put aside in the closet to go untouched while I held my $40-ish Conklin Duragraph stub as my ONE pen for all my writing for likely close to six months….

I chose it because while it’s a stub, which yields pretty lines, it’s a managable 1.1 mm stub so it’s not hard to use (or to learn to use, newbies!).  It has a great ink flow and a smooth nib that slides through the ink on paper like rubbing ice on a warm window.  It gives enough feedback that you don’t lose your place on the page but other than that, it’s butter… and it’s the best writing pen I own in a collection of 40 ranging in price form $10-$250+

For my ONE ink I almost went with Diamine’s Wild Strawberry, a great statement color, but in the end I opted for Graf von Faber-Castell’s Moss Green for three reasons: it’s a nice shader and would do more with the stub I’d opted for than the red would, it’s water resistant, which means I feel safe enough addressing envelopes with it (especially for the holidays) and finally, it’s the biggest bottle of ink I own and I need to make one bottle last a long time.

For paper, I held onto the loose sheets of Tomoe River that are my norm but I have become guilty of 2-siding with it since the shopping-ban took effect.

So, basically, what I found is what you’re Next Level shopping list might be, if you’re ready to step out to your second (or even 1st) fountain pen.

  1. Conlkin Duragraph stub nib
  2. Faber-Castell Moss Green ink
  3. Tomoe River white loose sheet a4 paper

Annnnnnd, you’re welcome.





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