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The Great Stationary Search Concluded

I wanted stationary.. not just pads of paper good enough for fountain pens to use (that too, and I tried many) but I wanted PRETTY PRETTY paper upon which to write!  I have found two Etsy shops that suit my needs.

First place for lovely stationary for fountain pens is KindWordsStationary (all the shops are one word names).  The proprietress treats every customer like her favorite customer and prints her lovely designs on paper choices like Tomoe River and Clairefontaine, for example.  The paper she uses reflects in her prices, but if you’re a fountain pen user who has moved past printer paper, you’re already spending this kind of money on paper.  Honestly, I think most of her cost is shipping!

Please, if you need something pretty, or masculine, personalized or standard, just go look at the lovely shop and comment that I sent you… no, I don’t get anything for referring customers, I just want her to know I adore her because she’s a doll!

Second, if you’re not all about fine tips and vintage flex, but use a broader tip or a stub, you’re pen will do fine on the more hip, frequently updated stationary sheets of LaPapierre.  Visit their site too, for penpal groups and a monthly stationary subscription service!

With paper from either shop THAT I’VE SEEN SO FAR, you’ll be getting single sided writing, unless you’re not picky about ghosting, so have a tablet of a5 paper around for page 2 of letters..  It’s tempting to skip their envelopes and buy your own, nut I had a hell of a time finding a fit myself and when I run out will just buy from them.

As for undecorated paper, I’ve tried MANY now and find, yes, still, always, Tomoe River wins for a number of reasons, right down to loose sheets versus tear off (meaning tear by accident!).



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