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Fountain Pens Ink writing what you can’t or won’t by hand, and making it personal

Fountain Pens Ink: handwriting what you cannot or will not, making it personal, and mailing it with your return address on the envelope!  Follow etiquette or add extra class with handwritten cards, note, and letters from your hear and our hands!

Not everyone is comfortable with their penmanship but etiquette demands some letters be sent and that they be handwritten.  Examples are sympathy notes as well as thank you notes for those who have sent sympathy.  Any interview for a position you seek, be it at a company or a college, should be followed by a hand written thank you note.  Thank you notes for shower and wedding gifts, even Sweet 16 gifts, should all be personal and handwritten.

Other notes ate just a bit classier when done by hand, but in many cases calligraphy would be overdoing it.  Invitations to a party for a child or an adult should be personal but unless the occasion is formal, calligraphy is not required while handwriting on the invitation shows thought and care.  Notes of thanks to companies who have done a good job for you are often photocopied and passed around when received in an envelope and on a handwritten note.  Holiday cards, rather than being sanitized pre-printed affairs, can include a personal touch like mentioning something you share in common with the recipient and, again, being handwritten on the card!

But what to do if you don’t like your handwriting?  Let Fountain Pens Ink write your letter’s, notes, and cards for you!

We can do something as simple as copy a typed letter into a handwritten one on simple fountain pen friendly paper or we can help you compose difficult letters and work with you until it’s perfect.  We can send all of your holiday cards with personal messages on each or over the course of a year, send all of the birthday cards you should be sending!  Each person’s need is different so there is no set price list, but we want to do this service (and let’s be honest, could use some money to buy new pens), and will negotiate fairly with you.  In general, this service will cost about twice what doing it yourself would, but we take care of everything from the writing, to the envelope (with your return address on it), to the postage an timely mailing.

We have many colors/writing styles to chose from which will be added to this site by 11/15/16 or earlier.  For large orders ($50 or more) we will be able to change MOST of our colors into any of our writing styles (the exception is that certain vintage styles ate written in with actual vintage pens and cannot be exposed to some modern inks).

Keeping in mind that we will probably do at most 20-30 cards a day, notes and letters even less, it’s TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT HOLIDAY ORDERS!  You can save some money by purchasing your own cards and shipping to us to write for you, but not all cards or paper is “fountain pen friendly” and we may be forced to have you try again.  Or, if you really love a card that our more delicate pens can’t work on, we can always go to a bolder writing style.  The take away here, is GET GOING SOON and WE’LL WORK WITH WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT!

Writing samples to be placed here in the next few days… they are only a few of the colors and styles we can offer, for a consultation contact

Power of Words
To enjoy writing letters, it’s important to really like your writing tool.. it should feel good in your hand and you should feel good about it! The paper should also please you and be easy on your eyes.

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