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Fountain Pen goodies for sale (since Etsy is holding my shop hostage) update 11-5-16

Hi guys.. I usually sell on etsy but I owe them more than I have at the moment and I seem to reach more people here anyway!

All the prices include shipping to the lower 48 states, if you live elsewhere, ask, and I’ll find out shipping to you.  Just email me at with the item number and info and I’ll shoot you a paypal request (you don’t need to have paypal to do this).  Send when you’re ready to place your order.  Note:  I get stock as I get orders, so turn around time can be a few weeks if you drag your feet, if this is a holiday gift ORDER SOON.

Here’s a holder for Fountain Pens with Ring Tops.. Excuse my terrible photography, but it’s really nice at the price, mine matches the patina of my vintage waterman perfectly.  There’s also a silver plated version and a drop version.  All are $20 each.

gold-lanyard-etsyItem #1 Gold or silver plate $20, 1 of each metal $35 combined if they ship to the same location!

pen-chainItem 1 in the wild (pen not included, but I’m showing it can e dressy or informal)

drop-lanyardItem #2, Silver tone only $20, slimmer chain and less noticeable claw also 32 inches.



Item 3 is a SERIVICE!!

Let me find your Ringtop (or other new or vintage pen) for you. You give me a price range and details of what to locate for sale for you, purchasing it will be up to you.  I cannot ADVISE much outside of my own experiences I am, indeed, a newbie, but I can find based on color, metal, nib type, working or ornamental, and so forth; I find things others don’t because I can be online during day or nighttime hours with not 9-5 to interfere and often vintage items appear in the middle of the night (and on sale!).   If I believe I can find what you want in the time you want it in, I will undertake the search.

You’ll be paying a $10 search start fee (deducted from your final fee) to get me crackin.  When I find something that meets your requests I’ll get you ASAP so you can make the purchase!  You only pay the remainder of the search fee when you buy something I find for you.

Search Fee’s.. IF THE PEN COSTS/YOU PAY ME (less the 10 start fee!!)

up to 80- $10

up to 150- $15

up to 200-$20

up to 250-$25

up to 500- $35

over 500-$50

Once I find the pen of your dreams it’s up to you to get to it quickly before someone else buys it (so I advise you give me multiple ways to reach you!).  If you miss out, I’ll try again for another start fee, but nothing extra beyond that.  Questions. suggestions, negotiations, etc email  Obviously, if we work together and get you the ringtop of your dreams, I’ll discount the chain to wear it with!



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