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INKS I HAVE, need a writing sample?

This post is for my friends at the Fountain Pen Network and you too, if it applies.

Are you color crazy?  Do you spend an embarrassing amount of money on ink and a huge chunk of time auditioning ink samples in your pens?  Do you want to save time?  Take a look at my list of what I have.  I’ll update it as things come in, if you want to see a writing sample of a few of the inks let me know and I’ll send you a note with samples.  I’ll let you know on our facebook page what’s in my pens now but if you’re desperate to see something that’s not in a pen, well that’s what dip pens are for!

If you’d like to offer to send off writing samples of your inks to fellow fountainers, please leave your menu in comments.  Leave you’re email there if you’d like me to send you writing samples of the below and I’ll contact you privately for your mailing address.  PENS! INK!


Here’s the “menu”:






chikurin (surprise! it’s shades wonderully!)

ama-iro (also a good shader when wet)




kosumosu (tied for my favorite color, a bubblegum pink)



Blue Lighting

Purple Pizzazz

Golden Oasis

Red Lustre

Standard Diamine:

Hope Pink (slight shimmer)

Yellow (what was I thinking?)

Imperial Purple

Red Dragon

Blue Velvet (special edition)

Wild Strawberry (a surprise shader!)

Turquoise (awesome shading)

Pumpkin (vibrant shading)

*Kelly Green

*apple glory

*jade green            *these are all similar and look identical on a computer monitor, try all 3

Ancient Copper (great shading, beautiful when flexed)

Sargaso Sea (another shader, dark blue)

Thornton’s Luxury Goods


*Pink      * save both our time, nothing special, you know the colors green and pink already

NOODLER’S – I’m told to keep these out of vintage pens due to new chemical combinations in ink!

Apache Sunset (shades like the day is long)

Baystate Blue (stains EVERYTHING around you when you play with it)

White Whale, if you have a dip pen and a black light, try this out

Rome is Burning (um, I’ll sample it for you, but it’s brown guys)

Rachmaninoff (close to Hope Pink without sparkle but more electric, no shading but HIGH water resistance and notably good dry time…. this is my new evelope addressing ink!)

Black Swan in Australian Roses (water resistant AND a good shader, try it in a B stub!)


Solferino (tied for my favorite with kosumosu.. VIBRANT purple with body)

Salix (ok water resistance and ok shading, but iron gall so take care!)

Alt-Goldgrun (shading masterwork)

Scabiosa (not a “pretty purple) but it shades and it’s water resistant, so it’s a win)

J. Herbin

1670 Anniversary Edition:

Caraube de Chypre (brown w/ gold shimmer)

Emerald of Chivor (green w. gold)

Rouge Hematite) (red with gold)

Stormy Gray (I haven’t received it yet)

NON-1670 J Herbin:

La Perle des Encres (a gray)


AND IN A FEW DAY’S I’LL RECEIVE THESE SAMPLES TO SHARE!  Too lazy, copied right from my order hahahahah!

INK SAMPLE – Graf von Faber-Castell Blue $1.75 1   $1.75
INK SAMPLE – Graf von Faber-Castell Stone Grey
$1.75 1   $1.75
INK SAMPLE – De Atramentis Document Ink – Violet
$1.75 1   $1.75
INK SAMPLE – Graf von Faber-Castell Violet Blue
$1.75 1   $1.75
INK SAMPLE – Pilot Namiki Blue
$1.25 1   $1.25
SAMPLE of De Atramentis Dilution Liquid (4ml)
$1.25 1   $1.25
INK SAMPLE – Graf von Faber-Castell Moss Green


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