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Pilot 78G BB Stub: Review


Apparently, I’m late to the party on this fountain pen… but I’m late to every party.. I’m still pretty new so I’m excused for not realizing this was an old pen til I did a little research on the Pilot 78; bug that was all my research yielded.. the rest of the information online was self-contradictory or outdated.   All I know is MAYBE it’s discontinued of it’s only available for retail new in Japan or no it’s still widely available: basically I have no idea what the manufacturing status of this pen is, only that I have only spotted it on Amazon, where it is roughly $20 and easy to find with a keyword search.

I bought this pen on the Pilot name, thinking it may very well be crap but I may get a surprise.  I was only slightly aware of what a stub nib would do when I found the pen, but after looking the term up I was intrigued enough in both the idea of a double-broad pen and this crazy stub thing, to risk my 20 dollars and order one.

I had a lot of trouble with it at first, the pen was skipping like crazy or would stop all together with ink aplenty in it.. oh no, DUD PEN, right??  I giggle at myself for assuming it was the pen that was having the problem and not the user.  It wasn’t until I watch some videos about other kinds of nibs that my knowledge increased enough to realize “I don’t know much!”

Suddenly, the fact that the problem was user error was obvious… I simply wasn’t engaging the whole nib consistently and of course when the nib isn’t touching paper, the ink doesn’t flow.  I started being conscientious about engaging the whole nib all of the time and suddenly my 78G was as reliable as my Falcon!

I love the little sucker so much I have another one on order (so I can swap between colors without stopping to clean a pen) and have been trying other stubs (note, the popular 1.1mm stub size does NOT get the intense line variations of Pilot’s BB on this wet, juicy pen).  All in all, absolutely worth 20 if you want to try a fat, wet stub on for size and you’ll put the time in practicing how to handle the pen correctly.  It’s actually now one of my favorite pens to use in letters!

Below is a writing sample..my handwriting is terrible but you still get a good look at the line variation the 78G gives with almost no effort once you have the hang of it.  Sorry about the color quality.. the ink, Rose Cyclamen is actually quite lovely.


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