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Ink on the go… how do I carry spare ink?

I’ve found two ways to carryink around with me when I take my pens out in the world.  I’m not talking about flying here, that’s a post for some wiser person than myself to write, but how to carry ink to fill up my pen during the day without carrying a giant glass bottle, just waiting to be dropped and destroy someone’s floor…

I found two good containers on the cheap side, as I have no interest in the fancy “traveling inkwells” running for up to 70 bucks an for all the world sounding like a perfect recipe for disaster while not carrying a lot of ink..

For smaller amounts, I carry ink in a Goulet sample vial, they run $3 plus shipping for 10 7m vials (which of course you only fill to about the 4ml area or you’ll make an ink displacement puddle!).  The lids are snugly screwed on but of course they ride in an anouter container, either a plastic bag or in my case a nice blastic pencil holder keeps several vials and several of the bottles I’ll show you below.  MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE SHIPPING OPTION FROM PRIORITY to first class, or you’ll pay 8 bucks to ship $3 of vials!  Here’s the link, pictures on the site:

A much heartier, but more expensive option is called the Tsukineko 12 Flui Ounce Empty All Purpose Ink bottle. I’ve only found it on Amazon and Prime or payig for shipping they’re about $5 a piece, but thy hold a wopping 15ml if filled to the brim (don’t).  That’s the kind of ink you take away with you on a trip.  I also use them as inkwells with my dipping pen, so my REAL bottl of ink isn’t sitting open ready to get spilled when I dip… these are squat and don’t tip easily.. even at the cost, get one for every color you may want to take on exteded walk about with you.  They are ALSO great if you’re swapping inks with a frien, and a mostly full bottle makes a generous gift!


So there you have it, two inexpensive options for walking around with ink.  A little note, I’m not a chemist so I make no guarentees there’d be no funky ink to plastic reaction but I’ve been fine with 10 of them so far!

-Miss Inky Fingers



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