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Giving Fancy-Pants gift on the cheap

I’m about to tell you how to give Mr. Or Ms. Fancypants an impressive gift, that they will appreciate for years to come, without spending a fortune, I’m even including links!

Everybody knows, deep down, there’s a little status that comes with being an “I use fountain pens” person.  And if it’s not status, it’s snobbery and the person using the fountain pens really doesn’t know the difference, so a nice GOOD at a low price point is a great gift for someone who does NOT already know the joy of fountain pens; you won’t be getting away with what I’m recommended for a pen enthusiast but they’ll appreciate the thought.

A great looking, solid feeling pen that one would guess was quite expensive is a pen I’ve already reviewed in this blog, it’s any of the Pilot Metropolitan’s, linked to order here:

I’ve linked one of the many pens I think will impress a Fancy-Pants… especially because these come in a decently weighted display box.  Now the cost is only $15 but you can’t be a jerk and not give ink (or can you?) so a nice inexpensive ink is anything from the J. Herbin line that’s NOT in the 1670 collection.  Here’s a link to a nice $11 blue that, while being attractive, is appropriate for day to day use as well.

A note on ink, unless specified, inks are not archival quality or even waterproof and will run right of the page is you spill fluid on them, so the above may not be appropriate if you think FancyPants is going to show off the new “writing instrument” at work.  In that case, go this route:

For a tad more go with the below ink, which is more workplace suitable.  I haven’t received my own bottle yet, but reviews are consistently good.  It’s a black ink that not only won’t wash off a page in case of a spill (or rain!) but it’s less likely to do something annoying called feathering, even on standard paper not recommended for fountain pens.  The price is only 12.50, so with the pen, you’re total gift cost of a FancyPants at work is 27.50!

Now, are you actually FOND of this person and really want to get them started on fountain pen love?  Willing to spend a little more, or want an idea for their upcoming birthday?  Don’t forget some paper… I buy the Tomoe River 100 Loose Sheet in A4 size because most of my writing is correspondence and it makes for a nice letter, but if your FancyPants is more apt to journal or take notes throughout a day, opt for a notebook… I have not seen this notebook yet but as it is both Tomoe River and a product made by and sold for Goulet, I’m willing to give it the ahead (and have a similar item, only with a dot grid rather than lines to guide my writing).  For $9 you can add to your gift

Of course you don’t HAVE to give ink and paper, a pen will do SINCE IT COMES WITH A CARTRIDGE OF INK to get the user started.  They can decide from there if they want to employ the included converter and buy bottled ink (just give them the site to get them started and make a few suggestions) or they can even continue to stick with boring old cartridges forever, either way, they get to be “A Fountain Pen Person”.

Other gift ideas to come as the holidays approach!
PS, no I don’t work for, or even know the folks at Goulet Pens.  I’m just a big appreciator of what they do and how well they do it.





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