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Lami Safari with Broad Nib (getting braver)

So I was well and hooked on fountain pens and their inks after a few weeks but it wasn’t until I’d amassed FOUR Pilot Metropolitan’s that I became interested enough in trying a Broad nib that I was willing to step up a few dollars in my price range and try the very popular Lamy Safari.  Whereas the Met hovers around $15 the Safari, depending where you get it can run from $22-29 and up.

The reason I wanted a broad nib was that they write “wetter”, which means they deposit more ink per stroke and, obviously, the strokes are wider.  This gives a better look at the color of your ink and gives your writing a much bolder statement.  It may take a little practice to get used to a broad nib, I needed to write a little larger and mind y looped letters, keeping lines far apart enough that my loops stay open!  But it was just a little effort, less than an hour’s time to get used to, and the result was fantastic!

I found the wetter writing a little weird at first, it felt “wrong” but as I adjusted, and noticed the effect it had on my colors on the page, it didn’t seem wrong at all any more; now I prefer it and only buy broad nibs!  The grip of the Safari is a little odd, as the body of the pen is a twist of plastic, but again, it took very little time to get used to.  The pen I almost tossed in the trash upon trying the first time is now my go-to!

Now that I’m used to it, I find the Safari to be a very smooth writing tool that fits nicely in my hand.  The broad nib shows off the hues of my inks nicely and they fit fine in my pen holder.  EVERYBODY starts with a Met, so don’t be ashamed that  you did, but your next step is absolutely going to be to a Lami Safari and have the nerve to go with the broad nib….

(Bonus, unlike the Met, the Safari has changeable nibs, so you can buy the Broad but get a Medium to use with it too!  I like using one nib per pen, just because I’m afraid I’ll lose a small part, but the average fountain pen user swaps nibs rather than collecting multiple pens!)

(Bonus/Drawback: the Safari comes in FUN colors… if you want to be Mr or Ms Fancy Pants with your pens you may not like that, but if you want to be able to find them easily should you put it down in the wrong spot, a nice bright color may be just the thing!)

One thought on “Lami Safari with Broad Nib (getting braver)

  1. Being German, I’ve had Safaris for a long time. And I’ve found that after a while (years of it being my only pen), the cap stops closing completely and is loose. I also have to change the nib every few years, let’s say two or four years of using it as my main pen. I did write a lot, though, so it might not apply if you have many pens in your collection that you rotate through.


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