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Inkwells, proceed with caution

It happened, I was romanced by the idea of inkwells, I don’t know why… I just liked the idea of them.  Since only offered empty ink bottles and that wasn’t what my romanticized idea of an inkwell was, I went to the which had several options, I was taken with the antique STYLE models you see below.  I ordered the two inkwells from a distributer called TreasureGurus and I have mixed thoughts on them.  Positive: they LOOK nice, filled with ink, among my treasure collection…. and that’s it.



Negative: neither are very functional.  Here’s the problem, neither closes snugly so they are not at all transportable, plus I don’t know if it’s bad for my ink but its sure not good.  Also, they are quite wide and shallow, requiring I pour a great deal of ink into them in order for it to be deep enough to fill a pen from them.

Basically, they are only good for dipping pens and only dipping pens you are using at home.

I did, for transport and sharing of ink, find these little numbers, called not very poetically “Tsukineko 1/2 Fluid Ounce Empty All Purpose Ink Bottle With Cap” on the A site where, with shipping, they come to about $5 a piece.  These seem to be made of durable but not indestructible plastic; I have used them to take spare ink with me on a camping trip, but the bottles stayed in a pencil case.. they took a lot of jolting around just fine but were never tested with any weight on them or pressure points poked into them.


With just that small 1/2 oz of ink, these little guys pool your ink deeply enough so that you may fill your pens many times before it gets too low, and when filled to the ridge with ink these are the perfect depth for using with a glass dipping pen!

I keep one of these full of Noodler’s Baystate Blue because it is THE ULTIMATE EVERYTHING STAINER and I’m, frankly, afraid to open my big bottle more than necessary because the crack in the plastic lid (thanks A retailer!) makes it easy to spill (and with Baystate Blue a spill DOES mean a permanent stain…) But Baystate is my only waterproof ink and I like to use it to address envelopes so instead of fussing with a cracked 3 oz bottle, I simply keep 1/2 oz in one of these sturdy, no tip bottles and use my dipping pen with it for envelopes (and even letters when I’m daring!)

I also these to carry ink with me when I expect to do a lot of writing away from home and also use them to a friend I want to turn on to a color.

The other option, of course, for travel and gifts, is to use Goulet pen’s empty sample vials that can hold up to 7ml (and are sold new, not used)… now that’s only enough for 4 or 5 pen fills depending on your converter, so these would be for short term travel rather than a long trip or and, in my opinion, even a full vial would make a rather skimpy gift to a friend.  But should you like this option the link is below. NOTE: I HAVE NOT USED THESE YET SO I DO NOT KNOW HOW WELL THEY TRAVEL. I WILL UPDATE THIS WHEN I RECEIVE MY ORDER AND TRY THEM OUT.



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