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Disposables: getting my toes wet

So it’s all T’s fault.  He was posting these beautiful photographs of his vintage fountain pen resting in a glass of water (I would later learn because he’s nuts about his cleaning routine). The image caught my imagination and, since I had just that month under taken letter writing as a pass time, I wondered if fountain pens might be for me.  The writing experience he describe, tactilely,  was something I could enjoy and I had images of myself penning “deep letters with fancy pens” so I decided to give fountain pens a whirl.

But I’m a sissy so of course I started by googling “disposable fountain pens” and found that the Pilot Varsity was well liked among disposable users.  The reviews were good enough for me so I ordered a 6 pack from a major all-sorts-of-stuff web site and awaited my delivery.  The packaging was disappointing, but that happens with these mega sites with multiple sellers sometimes, however the pens were not.

The pens were, I now know, rather wide of nib with no real flex, and they wrote somewhat wet, as you’d expect from a wider nib. (Nib, new people, is the writing tip… there are many types of nibs and I suggest before you move from Starter Pens to Mid-range Pens you google “Goulet Nibs Youtube” and learn what it is you really want before making a big investment, Starter pens don’t have a lot of nib options).  There wrote well, whether I was writing cursive or printing, and did not drip between letters or marks, as some wetter pens will with thinner inks).

All in all it was a great introduction to fountain pens.  I can’t estimate how many pages each of these rather small pens gave me before drying out, but it was quite a few weeks before I had to reorder, and I write a lot of letters (3-8 a week, maybe more).  After two purchases of these pens I was ready to move onto Starter pens that are not disposable, but I still keep these handy for handing off to interested people to try should I not have a better pen handy, or when I don’t want to risk taking a more expensive pen out of the house.

Rating based on expectation versus reality:

I expected junk, I got a pretty good pen so my one and only rating on this whole blog of

5 out of 3!




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